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Version 3.16

  • Fixed bug to do with application hanging with the event log is full
  • Rewritten dependencies engine so that it doesn't rely on sysdepends - database objects are scripted in the correct order even if the SQL metadata is broken
  • Many bug fixes
  • Includes HTML reporting
  • A number of minor bug fixes


The product that won the SQL Server Central award for "Best Time-Saver" is now 100 times faster.

"I just love this new version of SQL Compare 3. It is the only third party tool that I use on a regular basis. I have investigated other tools that do database synchronization, but none of them have the robust set of features and functionality of SQL Compare 3. I consistently recommend this tool to other DBAs as I could not accomplish the amount of work that I do without SQL Compare. I have been a customer since 1.0 and am amazed (and pleased) at the logical and wonderful progression of this product."
Jon Moorman, Senior Database Architect, London Bridge Group.

Completely new user interface

"In general it feels like I have gone from Version 2 to Version 100."
Adam Cogan, Microsoft Regional Director.

Complete re-write

SQL Compare has been completely redesigned and re-coded from the ground up using Microsoft .NET. We have incorporated as many suggestions as we could from the thousands of messages we have received over the last 4 years.


SQL Compare 3 can generate comparison reports which are output to Word. You can specify exactly what you want to report on, using a new dialog box.

Scripts are smaller, smarter and faster

The scripting functionality has been enhanced. Scripts include full transactional logic to safeguard your databases in the event of script failure, optimized table altering and table rebuilding so scripts will execute more quickly, and SQL color coding so the script is easy to understand.

A plain English summary of the synchronization tasks is now provided, which can be used for audit purposes. Warnings are automatically shown if there is likely to be a problem with the script. If the problem is serious, a solution will be suggested.

Summary of synchronization tasks Warnings about potential problems with the synchronization

More useful

Supports extended properties, full text catalogs and other schema objects not fully supported in the previous version.

Synchronization from within SQL Compare

You now have the option to run a synchronization script from within SQL Compare's Synchronization Wizard.

An example SQL script produced by SQL Compare Synchronization options now include running the synchronization script from SQL Compare