The Challenge
Managing SQL Server jobs, Windows Tasks, and other events across the enterprise can be frustrating and time consuming. Scheduling, monitoring and alerting capabilities are often insufficient, which heightens the possibility of downtime and poor application performance. DBA's spend precious time tediously searching for and assembling bits of information from various sources in a futile attempt to gain control of the environment.


The Solution
Enter sqlSentry. sqlSentry is the only comprehensive schedule and notification management system designed and built specifically to help the busy SQL Server DBA better manage today's complex SQL Server environment.  sqlSentry provides visual scheduling, schedule performance monitoring, robust MAPI-less alerting, job queuing & chaining, block detection, and many more powerful features.  sqlSentry empowers DBA's with an extensive arsenal of capabilities never before available for the SQL Server platform.

Easy to install and use.
The zero-configuration sqlSentry console mirrors your existing Enterprise Manager or Management Studio configuration, so you don't have to redefine all of your servers and groups -- just open it and you are ready to go.

Distributed "agent-less" deployment.
Why install yet another scheduling agent on a server when you likely already have at least two (SQL Server Agent and Windows Task Scheduler)? With sqlSentry, new agents are not needed on each server - sqlSentry talks to your existing scheduling agents and makes them work a whole lot better. In addition, the sqlSentry Server service, Console and Database can all be installed on the same server or on unique servers.

100% .NET based application.
Built from the ground up using .NET technologies, sqlSentry uses a lightweight, multi-threaded architecture which incurs minimal overhead on monitored servers.

Lower database administration costs
By using sqlSentry the amount of manual labor typically required to perform mundane schedule management and troubleshooting tasks is greatly reduced, allowing DBA's to spend more time proactively managing SQL Servers.  Estimate your own potential savings by asking us to compute your ROI..

Reduce down time
Delivering better information about job performance and runtime statistics and enabling the DBA to easily "level" job schedules can eliminate costly failures, and minimize resource contention and downtime caused by schedule conflicts and overruns.

Improve application performance
With sqlSentry, DBAs can make smarter decisions about scheduling by seeing and understanding the impact the schedule is having on production resources, and easily eliminate schedule contention via drag-and-drop to ensure applications run at optimal levels.