Avec SuperiorSQL vous pouvez générer des ScriptSQL dans des temps records en un simple cliquer-glisser.

Superior SQL Builder is an ideal SQL tool for both experienced developers, and for people who are new to SQL.  Experienced SQL programmers love its speed, flexibility and extendibility, whereas people who are new to SQL enjoy the fact that they can build syntactically correct SQL via a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Superior SQL Builder's primary benefits for you

Simply the fastest and easiest way to develop SQL.
Build the full range of SQL (DML and DDL). 
Build individual queries or SQL scripts of any size.
Control - users have complete control over the SQL that is generated and can even build their own Script Templates to suit their organization's individual needs.
Eliminate syntax, logic and typographic errors.
A comprehensive Query Builder.
The ability to export database data in a variety of formats, including SQL 'Insert' statements, XML, HTML, CSV and Tab Delimited.
A simple, easy-to-use interface.
The ability to use Superior SQL Builder projects or components (including the Query Builder) programmatically from your own code.
Full support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft Access.  Can be extended to support additional database servers.
The ability to instantly generate equivalent SQL scripts for each of your database servers.

                                                        Différence entre la version professionnelle et la version standard


Superior SQL Builder

Superior SQL Builder

Create new projects

Generate scripts

Save projects and generated scripts

Reference existing libraries

Create new libraries

Edit existing script templates

Create new script templates

12 months free support and full upgrades

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