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User and Group Management

Perhaps no single administration task can take as much time as routine user and group administration, particularly in a large, complex Windows NT/2000 installation.  Setting up individual home directories, shares, and the security requirements can be especially time-consuming.  Hyena's user management features are one of its core functions.

If your Windows NT/2000 configuration makes use of home directories, Hyena has a unique solution for you: Hyena allows multiple templates to be configured that can be used to automatically create the user's home directory, optionally share it, plus configure the share and/or NTFS permissions...all automatically.   This functionality is available for both standard and Terminal Server home directories.  

Hyena User Management Functions (just for starters)

Quickly viewing all users for any server or workstation
Customizable user view display, plus one-click sorting on any attribute
View users by group membership

Viewing single user (designed for slow WAN connections)
Modifying single and multiple user properties
Extensive Active Directory (AD) user attribute support, including user photo capability, Exchange 2000 integration, customizable AD queries, and much more.  
Add/modify/delete Exchange mailbox properties
(Enterprise Edition only)
Add/modify user terminal server information (Enterprise Edition only)
Reset password
Find buttons for login script and profiles on user properties dialog

Edit login script using Notepad or any user-defined editor
Explorer integration with user home and profile directories
Optional automatic cleanup of user home and profile directories
Access user home directory share properties;create user home directory and share automatically
Add new users, including copy from existing user (clone)
View user logon, including last logon, statistics
Rename user
Send message to user
Delete single or multiple users
Customizable batch files for special user handling requirements
Copy users from one computer to another
[Active Directory Only] Add selected users to designated group

Group Management Functions

Full group administration - add, modify, delete, copy
Rename groups
Copy groups from one computer to another
[Active Directory Only] View all group members, including for multiple groups/entire domain

The image below is of a typical user account on a Windows 2000 domain.  Hyena automatically hides the Active Directory property tabs when displaying Windows NT or workstation user account information.




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